Never heard the term Centennials? Well, buckle in because Centennials are the new Millennials. Also known as Gen Z these new consumers have been growing up right under marketers’ noses. Centennials are heading off to university or into the workforce and are set to be the hottest new consumer group. Forget what you learned about Millennials because this group has completely different needs and aspirations. Here is what you need to know.

1..They do not want to be Millennials.

Centennials have grown up being able to see the mistake of their Millennial siblings and peers splattered across social media. They have seen the messy nights, the failed career dreams and rolled their eyes at their big brother moving home after the OE that didn’t quite work out. They want to learn from the mistakes of Millennials and do better.

2. They are living in worry.

Bad news has always been just a click away for Centennials. The constant barrage of economic fear, terrorism, global warming, and unsettled politics makes for some very nervous teens. Where Millennials are excited about the future, Centennials worry about how they will compete for a job, whether another economic crash will hit and how the heck they could ever afford a house in Auckland.

3. They are risk-adverse.

Being such worried creatures it’s no surprise that they don’t have the same appetite for risk that Millennials are famous for. Centennials like to take the more considered approach. Think a law degree over fashion school or paying off their student loan over taking an OE.

4. They are actively volunteering.

Thanks to their smartphones, they can’t escape the trauma of the world. But, they take it upon themselves to try and help. Rather than being “slacktivists” or “keyboard warriors” like Millennials, this group is volunteering at their local SPCA, holding donation buckets on the street and picking up rubbish from our beaches.

5. They connect to brands that do good.

So, you want to connect with Centennials? You had better take a good look at yourself because Centennials are experts at finding dirt. With a highly tuned adverting filter Centennials will research what your brand stands for before they buy.  An ethical brand that gives back is sure to be a hit in the Centennial market.

6. They talk in pictures.

Want to talk to Centennials? Talk in emojis, symbols, pictures, and videos. This group has an attention span of approximately eight seconds so keep it short, sweet and shareable.

7. They don’t want to work for you.

These digital natives were born into a world where all you need to make a living is a laptop and an internet connection. It is no surprise then, that one of the most popular career goals is social entrepreneurship. They want to make it big, they want to employ others and they want their business to make a difference in the world.

Centennials will soon be a major preoccupation – talk to us about how can be the first to embrace this unique generation.