55+ Research

55+ Research

We are living in an ageing society.  New Zealand has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world.  It also has one of the highest (working) participation rates of people over the age 65.  The number of people aged over 65 years is expected to grow from 14% of the population in 2013 to 23% is 2034.

Millennials have been in the spotlight recently yet over 55s are a powerful consumer group with enormous spending power.  Understanding this market should be a top priority for many organisations yet how well do we really know them?  

We know that Baby Boomers are becoming more tech savvy and are increasingly active on social media but what opportunities will this bring as they become older?  We know many boomers have become wealthier yet how many have adequately saved and what will their spending power be over the next couple of decades?

One thing is the for sure – having a deep understanding of the oldest 1/3 of our society is essential for the success of your organisation.  The study will help you address this.

We are aiming to look at ageing through a completely new lens.  You may find the results surprising.

Contact clare@htgroup.co.nz to find out more and sign up for this research study. 


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December 9, 2016