We know from research that the corporate sector are not communicating or engaging with the Asian community as well as they could. We also know that they would like to participate more actively in sport and recreation.

For this reason Aktive ( has created ActivAsian –  an initiative developed to increase sport and recreation participation in Auckland’s Asian communities. It encompasses numerous programmes under one central brand, and engages with all ages from different Asian nationalities (with a focus on the Chinese).  In year 1 ActivAsian is forecast to directly interact with over 66,000 men, women and children through the programmes, and will reach the whole Auckland Asian population through media and digital activation.

Aktive are a key strategic partner of Sport NZ, and their vision is to make Auckland ‘The world’s most active city’. Aktive’s is directly connected to government, council, education, health and sporting organisations at all levels. ActivAsian will engage the 4 regional sports trusts to activate the initiative at a local level.

We are looking for a naming rights partner for the ActivAsian initiative. ActivAsian would connect your brand with the Asian community in a deep and meaningful way, providing a platform for a highly credible and impactful awareness campaign. It will provide you with the opportunity to build a database of a target group who are very difficult to reach through traditional marketing, and will position your company as a leader amongst the Asian community.

Does your company want to be its sector leader in the Asian community? If you’d like to hear more about it, we’d welcome the opportunity to present ActivAsian to you.


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September 18, 2016