FMG Stadium Waikato

FMG Stadium Waikato

HT Group carried out a full valuation of Waikato Stadium in 2014 on behalf of H3 (an enhanced business unit within Hamilton City Council). On completion of the valuation, HT Group marketed the opportunity and were successfully able to sell naming rights of the venue to FMG.

“The team at the HT Group have been outstanding partners to work with. They were successful in securing, on behalf of, H3 naming right s for what is now known as “FMG Stadium Waikato” in Hamilton. Not only did they deliver a fair commercial naming rights solution but they delivered an ideal naming rights partner that had the best brand and reputational fit with Hamilton and the Waikato we could have hoped for. Throughout the process we received robust, honest, and professional advice from the HT Group and felt that they always had our best interest at heart. We strongly value their expertise and approach to their relationship with us.“ Sean Murray, Executive Director, H3.


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September 7, 2016