What is VCode®?
VCode® is a visual symbol, similar to that of a QR code, but much more advanced. VCode® can be scanned from a 160 degree angle, from up to 100m away, on moving objects, and on multi media displays (incl TV screens!).

How does it work?
When a VCode® is scanned by a camera on a smart device it links the user to the secure, cloud-based VPlatform® which contains a complete record of who, what, where, and when. The information a VCode® leads to can be changed on the fly without changing the VCode® itself.

How does this make sponsorships better?
Detailed metrics, monitoring and data collection are vital to successful campaign targeting and business intelligence. With VCode® you can view data from every scan in the user-friendly dashboard or download the raw data files. This gives you valuable insight to how your audience is engaging with your sponsorship. Plus, it’s a super cool way to make activations come to life in a meaningful way.

We are working with VCode® in New Zealand- contact us if you are interested in more information and how it could be used to bring your sponsorships to life, and connect with your target in audience in a deeper way.